Picture Disaster/Cookout

I went and had Landon's pictures done at JC Penney when he was 4 weeks old and loved how they turned out. My mom bought me a subscription to Parents Magazine and every time one comes, there are tons of different coupons for pictures from different places. This last time there was a coupon from Olan Mills for $10 that expired on 6/29. I skipped his 8 week pictures for some reason and decided that I would have them done again when he was 12 weeks! (Which is today!) :) So I knew I had to use it soon. I made an appointment for this past Friday at 12:30. Normally that is when he is awake for a while and in a good mood. So I feed him at 11 and we head out about 12:15. We make it there with no crying (praise the Lord)!! We were the only ones there because there were no more appointments for Friday. So we sign and and head over the picture taking area. Well wouldn't you know that Landon decides to start screaming when I sit him down. So I pick him up and get him settled. He smiles while he's in my arms so I think we're ready. Nope I was wrong again! He starts crying again, but I decide to get him settled without picking him up! So then he just stares at the camera. No expression what-so-ever! We try everything. She takes some pictures but they are horrible. He looks like he could kill someone if he wanted too! She looks at me and says "I think we better quit. Maybe you should come back on a different day." I pick him up and he falls right to sleep. Grrr....every other day he is wide awake and happy at that time. I guess he had other plans! haha So we have rescheduled for tomorrow. Let's hope that it works this time!

He was so worn out from taking 6 pictures that he fell asleep on the way home and slept for 3 hours and 15 min!! Seriously?? He never does that...I guess I should take him to get his pictures done more often so that he will sleep! :)

That evening Sara Lynch had invited us over for a cookout! We gratefully accepted since my mom was in Atlanta at the Beth Moore conference and I had no clue what my dad and I would do for dinner! We went out there about 5:30 and I helped them get everything ready! We had so much fun just being completely silly and goofy! Sara loves her some Landon! :) She is great...she will always take him right when she sees him and will hold him until he is hungry or sleepy! Nancy, Sara's mom, loves him too! They crack me up with him! So we ate burgers and some tasty potatoes that Sara made and had watermelon for dessert! I had every intention of coming home at a normal time, but Landon had other plans! He wanted to stay and play with them!! After he was finally done flirting with them we left around 11! Totally didn't mean to stay that late, but they didn't mind! So the night was fun! Thanks Lynch's for having us over! Love ya'll!


The Tomahawk Chop

He really did have fun!

(Sorry it's a little blurry)

So for those of you who don't know, I am slightly obsessed with the Atlanta Braves! I love any kind of baseball, but put me in front a TV witht he Braves on or at Turner Field and I am set! I feel like it is the one sport, besides soccer, that I really know what is going on and feel like I can talk about it with people and they don't look at me like what is this girl talking about!?!? I have always followed the MLB, but I really have followed it this season since I've been at home so much more. I think I've seen almost every Braves game this season....but don't get me started on that...I'm very sad at how bad they are doing! :( Anyways...I normally go to Braves games once or twice a week during the summer, but unfortunately I haven't been able to because of Landon. Although, I did get to go to Opening Night this year thanks to my father who gave me an extra ticket that he had right before Landon was born! So there I was huge as ever, doing my favorite...The Tomahawk Chop!

So I had been waiting for the day that I could take Landon to his first Braves game! The time finally came last Friday night! (If I could have, I would have taken Landon when he was 4 weeks old...but I knew I had to wait a little while longer!) My brother, Ben, surprised us last Thursday night and called and said he was coming home from Myrtle Beach with his friend Kent that also lives here in Conyers. My brother is expecting his first child in the next couple of weeks and he wanted to see my grandmother! (That will be a whole different blog) So on Friday, we decided to go the Braves game. Kent was already going with one of my great friends, Sara, but we decided to crash their party and go with them! So me, Landon, my brother, Michael Edwards, his girlfriend Krista, Kent, and Sara all went to the game! We met at Ruby Tuesdays first for appetizers and then all took the minivan downtown! :) We had 6 free tickets and got great seats on the third base line under the overhang. The Braves have been in an unfortunate slump and we were playing the worst team in the league, so we figured this game would be a great one to go to since we were bound to win. Haha. That was a joke since we lost! I've had this crazy luck that every time I go to the Braves game, I am on the big screen. Because I used to go so much and sit in the same area, one camera man knew me and all I had to do was wave to him and he would put me on there. We were not near him this time and were up under the overhang, but I still had every intention to be on there with Landon. He even has Braves onesies and I wanted everyone to see how cute he was. Unfortunately, we never made it on there, but I'm blaming that on our seats! Overall, we had a great time watching the Braves, doing the tomahawk chop, and most of all eating funnel cakes! It was super fun to get out and go somewhere with friends! I can't wait to take him to more games as he gets older! I am hoping with all my heart, that he wants to play baseball and maybe will love it as much as I do! :)
Just hanging out at the game! We were a little closer than the picture makes it look!

See his cute onesie!! It was just a little hot, so we opened it up to get a little air! :)

* A quick side note. For any of you that want to go to the Braves game sometime...go on a Friday night. It's Friday Night Fireworks!! They do an excellent fireworks show after the game. They turn all the lights off and do them over the outfield! It might be better than the 4th of July show at the Horsepark! ;)


Catching Up

So much has happened since Landon was born. I didn't really know how to jump from the day he was born until now, but I'll just do some filling in to get caught up.
It was such a crazy first week with him. We came home on a Tuesday and he had his first doctors appointment on Thursday. If I would have known what that was going to turn in to, I'm not sure anyone could have made me go. I absolutely love my pediatrician, Dr. Jattan. She is an amazing woman who truly cares for each of her patients! (And their parents too :) ) We went Thursday and she checked him out, and realized that he had lost too much weight; therefore, he was dehydrated and he was also jaundice. So for the next 5 days we were up and out of the house by 9am and on our way to the hospital to have heel pricks. Some people might think that 9am is not early, but when you have a newborn and don't feel so good, this is a HUGE thing. I think my mom and I started getting ready at the 4am feeding! :) Emotions were definitely soaring that week. Landon's jaundice levels kept going up and I started freaking out! I guess when ever someone else has a baby that has jaundice, I didn't think much of it and knew they would be ok, but when it's your own child...it's a totally different story! We made it through that week...Whew!
After all that I got a little stir crazy by week two and had to get out. Thankfully my dad thought of this great idea to go to Arabia Mtn. and go hiking after church. Mom and I met them there in the afternoon and hiked about 3-4 miles. I only did 2 and that was probably too much, but I survived!
Nothing other major happened after that except he got his 1 month pictures done! So fun!! My great friend and roomate, Whitney, came and went with me. We went to JC Penny and he definitely knew how to perform. :) He had just starting to somewhat smile. I didn't think he would smile for his pictures, but he did! We got some cute ones and I was very pleased with how they turned out!
Since then he has learned how to smile for real and laugh! As long as he is not hungry or mad, if you just look at him and talk he loves it! He will smile from ear to ear! He has also been working on rolling over. He did this for 3 days straight about 3 weeks ago while my parents were out of town, and as soon as they got home...he conviently forgot how to do it. But today he rolled over and my mom was actually watching so she believes me now!
There have been other exciting things happen in his life so far, but those will come in another blog all by themselves! I really can't think of anything else that is super exciting that has happened so far. These past 11 weeks have been so much fun and I can't believe he will be 12 weeks on Sunday! It's crazy how times fly and I can't wait to see what else he will do soon!!
Well I will write more about the "major" things that he doesn't remember in a little bit. I must go feed my crying child!!
Until then,



I've so wanted to start a blog, but never really thought I had the time or the energy for this, but have finally decided to give in and try it! I guess I'll try to start at the beginning and fill in a little.

04.06.08 was by far was the best day of my life! My little man, Landon Reid was born!! It definitely was a surprise for him to come on the 6th, considering that he was not due until the 18th. I had gone in for my weekly check-up on Friday, April 4th, and the doctor was concerned that I had high blood pressure. Let me first inform you of how the doctor visits normally went....I tried so very hard through my whole pregnancy to see the same midwife, Laurie. The other ones were great, but I just felt like I clicked with Laurie. Normally she was there on Wednesdays and I had to go in the morning since the office was next to Northside Hospital and we had to deal with morning rush hour. What fun!! haha So anyways, normally Mom, Isabella, and I would load up and head to the doctor. It would include us checking-in and every week someone asked if Isabella was mine or my moms. We would reply "No, we just keep her." Then we would sit in the waiting room and Isabella would climb on the chairs a few time and then it would be time for us to go back. We would get in the room and Isabella always had a look of fear on her face. She never really caught on that the doctor was not there to see her! She would look at herself in the mirror for a few minutes and then she all of a sudden would look at my mom and you could see her thinking, "I'm missing something." And then the never ending asking/begging for crackers would start. And that is how she would entertain herself in the doctors office...by eating crackers. So, back to the last visit. This time my dad decided he wanted to go since he never had gone before. So we all load up and go. We get there and they take us back and they do my blood pressure. They don't act like it is high, but I really don't even ask. We go back to the room and the doctor comes in. (I had to see the doctor because there were no midwives that week.) She says she is worried about my blood pressure and checks it again and it is still high. She informs me that I am to go on full bed rest for the weekend until Monday when they get the blood work back. So now we have Isabella scared of the doctor, my mom looking looking a little nervous, and dad trying to entertain Isabella by saying loud things that I don't even remember, and me sitting on the table going "But I'm going to the Braves game tonight...I can't be on bed rest" and all in a 7 by 7 room. And we all wonder why my blood pressure was high!! haha Well I preceded on by going to the Braves game, against doctor and moms order, and it gets cancelled. Saturday morning I wake up and call the midwife on call to ask her a question. And yes, when she calls me back it's Laurie! YAY!! So if anything does happen this weekend, I get my favorite midwife there with me! She tells me that she is going to get on her work computer and check out my blood work and let me know if I need to come in or if I can be off bed rest. She didn't want me wasting my weekend sitting if I didn't have too. So needless to say, she calls back about 2 hours later and tells me that I need to come in that day because they are going to induce me because my blood work doesn't look good. She said that they were worried about Toxemia. The Montgomery's were here at that point and we all of a sudden went in to overdrive and frantically got everything together. As we are leaving, Andy and Tom Hudgens pull in our driveway and we all stand in our kitchen and pray together. Thank you all for that!! Definitely calmed my nerves down!

Mom and I drive to the hospital and get checked in and get set up in the room! Those rooms were amazing! They were so big and had lots of room! They got all the paperwork done and then gave me Cervadil. It is something that can help you go in to labor on your own, but it didn't work for me. We finally go to bed around 11:30 and anxiously wait for the next day!!!

The next morning they started Pitocin at 8 am and at 9am they break my water! Good lord, the pain that started then!! I had every intention of going natural until that happened. I labored for about 3 hours without anything and then couldn't take it anymore, so I got an epidural. That was my saving grace. I don't think I would have survived without it! The rest of the day I just layed there and visited with friends and family. I wanted anyone that wanted to be there to come. I am so the person that loves to have people around and I really wanted all the ones I loved to be there for this! I think there were close to 20-25 people there! It was so much fun! Around 6:30 PM, Laurie came in and said at 7 I was going to start to push! So she came in at 7 and at 7:02, with everyone in there that was going to be, the pushing began!! At 7:39 PM, Landon Reid was born!! He was so precious and HUGE!! None of ever believed that he would be that big. He was 8lbs 15oz!! I never dreamed that I would have that big of a baby. Once he was out, everyone forgot about me and focused their attention on him! At one point I looked over and everyone was crowded around the scale, with just me and the midwife in the background, all screaming "Look how huge he is", "Bailey, he's so big", etc but could I see a thing...Nope! I could only see the back of everyone...they finally brought him over to me and I got to hold the most precious thing ever! He was so sweet from the very beginning. I couldn't believe that he was finally here and I was holding him. The rest of the night is all really a blur. We got upstairs to our new room sometime around 10 or 10:30. I then just got to sit and stare and love on that sweet baby. It's crazy now to think back on that night. The time has definitely flown by and I can't even imagine how fast it will continue.

I can't wait to post more about him, but for now that is how he entered the world!! More to come shortly....I'm kind of already liking this a lot! :)