A no reason gift

So today was the first day that I have recieved a gift for no reason from one of my students! It made me unbelievably happy since it has just been one of those years already! Not necessarily regarding the students, but just EVERYTHING we have to get done for each student, on top of everything that needs to be done for teaching, the county expectations, etc.

I envy those teachers that always get gifts for no reason! There are a couple of teachers that I work with that get gifts all the time. And they aren't dumb gifts that won't get used...they are awesome, use everyday type of gifts!! I feel like a have a great relationship with my students and parents, but never have just gotten a gift for no reason!
Until today....this was delivered to me....

My sweet little friend walked in with the cute brown bag with red tissue paper coming out. He said, "Here, this is for you!" I simply asked him why and he repsonded with "Just cause....I made it for you!!" Insert my thought here of "Great, probably something that I am going to have to act like I love it." But when I pulled it out, it was this precious Georgia Bulldog face that he had painted at the pottery place!
It was so sweet of him to think of me. His mom just so happened to call about a totally different issue and I thanked her for the gift. She said that he earned points over the summer for doing school work and different things and he wante to use his points to paint pottery. She said once they got there he was determined to paint something for me! It made it even more special that he used his points for something for me. Super sweet and I love my first "gift for no reason"!!! :)

Thanks S!! You brightened my day!



Sooner or later I will be converting Landon to his "big boy" bed and room. I was considering doing it over the summer, but I kind of like the fact that he is in a bed and can't get out unless I help him. He can get in all by himself, but he won't venture the out part. I think because he knows he has to fall in and doesn't want to fall out! haha

So anyways, the other day we worked on painting so that I can frame his artwork in his room and it will be all the colors of his bedding. They are all the normal and bright primary colors! We had sooo much fun and he loved painting, but truthfully had more fun painting his body, than the paper! :)
Some of the masterpieces he created!!! This might be my favorite picture!! Looks like a little model with the "gaze" lookThis is where he decided to roll down the hill so that "grass stick to me, Mom"!!
And it got all in his mouth on the roll down! haha
So hopefully I will have pictures of the room soon whenever I decide to take the leap and let him have a big boy bed. I'm just not sure that I am ready!! :/



Small group time...a teacher that is helping my class and playing Chip-O with the kids....

Chip-O card says: "hose"
Mrs. W: What does hose mean?
Girl: a person


Another day....
As we are talking about words that have the "ow" sound and writing them on the board someone says "vow". We were discussing what a vow was and someone said "a vow of silence".
Me: What is a vow of silence?
Boy: "It's what that little preacher man says"

What it's like to 6 and the things they know and say!! I absolutely love my class this year. They are so sweet and it really is a change from my overall class last year!!

I will update later about all the new things going on in general! :)