Beech Mountain

Jay and I had plans to go to Beech Mountain, NC weekend after the snowstorm. Jay's sister and 17 (!) of her college friends were all going and invited me, Jay, and his brother to go too! I knew some of the other people that went just from knowing Jay for so long and being around his sister. I was a little worried that we might not be able to go since NC got it worse than us and the fact that we would be driving at night because Jay had to work most of the day Friday since they had been off. But a couple of car loads went up Friday during the day and said everything seemed fine and we shouldn't have any trouble!
We left Grayson about 6:15 and got to the cabin about 11:30. The drive was super easy and no problems at all. I was exhausted and quickly went to bed so I was well rested for skiing the next day. :) But....the college kids had a different idea. They thought it would be super awesome to stay up ALL NIGHT long and be crazy loud until 4:30 in the morning. I was up with them tossing and turning from about 2:15 on. Grrr....

(See I never really did that in college or anytime for that matter. I like my sleep and especially when you know you are going to be skiing/snowboarding the next day. But they obviously didn't mind)

I know I'm not that much older than the people that went on the trip, but I forget how lazy college kids can be. I was thinking we need to get up and head out to make the most of our day, but at 10:00 people were still sleeping and moving very slowly from their previous night. We skied all day and I forget how much I love it. I really want to live out west so that I have access to the mountains because I love skiing!! We headed back to the cabin, which was only 2 miles down the other side of the mountain for dinner and then back out to the mountain for night skiing.

Night 2: I figured would be a little calmer because they would have been tired from skiing. Nope. I was wrong again. This night was until 5:30. Lovely.....but they were up earlier and ready to go. We did basically the same thing again that day and used every last minute since it was the last night.
I have always wanted to try snowboarding, but never wanted to waste rentals and time to see if I really liked it or not. Megan (Jay's sister) snowboards and has never skiied before so we decided that we would switch Sunday night and try each others out. BIG MISTAKE!! hahaha We went to the green slope (which is the easiest and one we hadn't done all weekend) and got on the lift. We got to the top and we didn't realize that the exiting process would be a decline/major hill to us so we slid the whole way down on our butts. Megan got up and started doing pretty well. I on the other hand, couldn't even stand up. I kept falling and tried everything they were telling me. Jay finally held my hands and got me up but when he let go I just went sliding and couldn't stop so fell again. My wrists and butt hurt soooo bad from just trying to stand up that I unstrapped the board and proceeded to walk down the entire mountain. I don't like giving up, but I could not figure it out and wasn't wasting anymore of my time. Megan did make it down the mountain and didn't even fall. :) We quickly switched and liked our own things better!! I was glad to be able to try snowboarding without having to really get any of the stuff and waste too much time!
Night number 3: I knew for sure it would be an early night because they would be exhausted from staying up late the other two night, skiing for 2 days, and the fact that we had to be up at 9 so pack up and leave. WRONG AGAIN! This was the latest night of all. They were up until 6:30!! AHHH I was up with them from about 3:00 on. I was pissed by now, but didn't really want to say anything because I knew I would be "that girl". I hung in there and just dozed on and off, but was so over the being up every 10 minutes thinking I had slept for an hour! GRRRR!!

We had a great time and made some awesome memories!! We had the perfect weather. Sun was shining and wasn't too cold. And we had REAL snow! They didn't have to blow any snow that whole previous week so it was a real treat to get to ski on real snow on the east coast!! I really loved this trip also because a.) I didn't plan it and was just along for the ride, b.) didn't have to worry about anything because it wasn't my place to worry, c.) didn't have to worry about cooking because it was their trip, and d.) I didn't fall once!! They invited me to the next winter olympics! haha See you there!!! It was really nice to finally just take a seat on the back burner and just have fun!! Some of the group watching people do the jumps!! This was his "look" for the weekend. He would only take pictures like this!! Josh and Casey in line waiting on the liftThe end of night 1! Worn out and tired! Looking up the mountain as we went upOn the liftLooking back down at the lodge and ALL the peopleView from the top! It was so pretty!This was the only picture with his mask off. He was about to kill me for this too! haha What I had to do because Jay and his brother wouldn't do it with me....You can't really tell, but that is the drop off half way down the black diamond. Yep....this is where they saw me and asked me to be in the olympics! ;)Why hello there Megan!

The beautiful sunset over the mountains!


'Snow'mageddon 2011

We had our first real snow storm since the blizzard of '93 the week of January 10th. I don't think anyone really believed that it would be as bad as it was. (since we hardly ever believe the weather man down here in the south about snow ;)) And no ever really believed that they would cancel school for the WHOLE week. (now we are paying for it with no winter break), but we had the whole week off and it just made for some great family time. Landon and I stayed home Sunday night and we woke up to a blanket of white! It was breathtaking. It is times like this that sometimes I wish I lived in the north just so I could see this more often. I love it!! We packed everything up and headed to my parents house to shack up with them for how ever long we needed to. I seriously don't think I got out of my pajamas for 3 days! It was great!! We played in the snow on Monday and then after that it was an ice skating rink and Landon just enjoyed getting "ice cookies" for everyone. Jay got snowed in at his house in Grayson and then finally decided to venture to Conyers on Wednesday. He still couldn't get to so he bummed it with us until Thursday when it was a little safer for him to travel. We really had a great week off and enjoyed the extra family time!! :)

Landon didn't believe me that the snow would be cold on his bare feet...so I showed him. He quickly retracted that statement. :)

What we woke up to Monday morning!

this is Landon's "ice cookie" since the snow didn't really do what snow should

This was the only day that we would sink in the snow. After this we just ice skated on it! :)

Waiting to catch a snowball

Loving Joe's 4-wheeler from across the street!


Christmas Break

Why hello long lost blogging friends!! It has been a while, but we have been super busy and super sick so this was last on my list of things to do.

We had a great Thanksgiving!! Our holiday spirit consisted of 3 different sicknesses, all within 4 weeks. It started out with Landon having mono the 2 weeks before Thanksgiving which carried over for the next couple of weeks. The week before we got out he broke out in a rash on his face and arms that looked like chicken pox, but wasn't. Fever with that for 5 days. The next week he had strep (which is what I think the rash was from and it just didn't show up as strep the first week), then we got better for a week and then he was sick on Christmas. :( BLAH!!!! And in between there, I got sick with a sinus infection the first 2 days of Christmas break. Anyways....we didn't do much of anything over the break. This was the first break that actually felt like a break and was somewhat relaxing.

When we were feeling great we just hung out and then went on the adventure of riding the The Pink Pig at Lenox. We went with my friend Lisa from work and her kids. I really wanted to take Landon the previous two years, but always forgot about it and then it would be gone. This is something that Ben and I went to as little kids back in the day when Rich's was still around. It used to be on the top of Rich's and it was a pig that you got in and rode around the track. They stopped doing it and since it has been brought back it is a little different set up, but I did include a picture of the old one. Which by the way, was SOO much cooler. We went the Wednesday before Christmas, which was a mistake. We got there and it was a 2 hour wait to ride the stinking 2 minute and 7 second ride. My mom was sweet enough to wait in line while Lisa and I took the kids to the food court to waste a lot of time. We came and waited the last 3o minutes or so with my mom. The kids did great and we really had a fun time. Good memories made!!

Landon waiting patiently to ride!!

There's Priscilla!! Me, Landon, Lisa, Amelia, Carson, and Jordan (he's hiding behind her...he was being shy!)

They've got their ticket for ride....he was soooo happy about it!

This is what the old one looked like. See....soooo much cooler!

On the ride. He was excited because it was on train tracks so it was a "Pig Train"!

We had a great Christmas. I was excited about this Christmas because Landon would get it so much more than last year. He has been talking about what Santa would bring him since right after Christmas. There were only a couple of things that Landon would constantly say that he wanted from "Ho-Ho". They were cars, dump truck, fire truck, fire truck station, and an airplane. I felt like I needed to accomplish those things more than anything since that is what he constantly asked for. And I did.....and he was happy!!

We were up at 6:30 to start the festivities! We quickly distracted Landon upstairs with Alex while we got Da and everyone downstairs to get ready. Landon came down and was so happy to find his 3 story fire truck station. That was by far the best present ever! He loved going through all of the other things that Santa brought. We played and then we decided to do some presents. Landon thought everything was for him and opened everyone's present for them. He loved it!! We did brunch and enjoyed all of that. Landon went down for a nap and then that is when he woke up with a 102.7 fever!! The rest of the day was just hanging out and taking it easy. This Christmas was so much fun and I can't wait until next Christmas!!

drinking "coffee" with Papa

playing his piano...one of his other favorites!

Playing with his firetruck station!! It is all wooden and very heavy duty so this will be a keepsake. It's like a doll house for a girl!!

This is how the night ended at 6:15...sound asleep and down for the night....you know this one didn't feel good if he was asleep in.my.arms. and at 6:15! haha

Jay came to visit us on Christmas night and it snowed!! WooHoo!!! I was happy! :)

Since Ben couldn't be there with us on Christmas, we skyped with him and showed him our "White Christmas". He laughed at us....haha

Hello snow!!

BIG SMILES!! Cheeeesssseee.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!

(My New Year's post is coming.....whenever I get time! haha)