A Sad Farewell...

to my wonderful grandmother, Tissie. Tissie passed away last Sunday night after a hard fought battle against cancer. Cancer is a nasty thing and I really don't like it right now. It took someone away from me that I loved so very much. It makes me sad to think that my cheerleader on the sideline for so many years, my shopper at heart, my traveler of the world, and my crazy but loving grandmother was taken away from all of us. I never really thought the day would come that I had to say goodbye to someone that I love so much. Well last Sunday was that day. My family and I had been at the nursing home that morning and we decided to go get some lunch. We went to Sweet Tomato's (my mom and grandfather's all time favorite) and enjoyed a nice lunch together. After Da's 12th time to the dessert bar, we decided we should head back to visit with Tiss. When we got back, it was kind of a disaster in my eyes. I could tell she wasn't doing good at all. We just sat there and talked to her, even though we got no response from her, I knew she was listening to us. I told her that I loved her and that Landon was there to see her. That made her come to life!! :) For the 2 previous weeks, she really couldn't talk at all. But last Sunday, she clearly said, "Hi Landon" and smiled! Oh how that warmed my heart!! She touched his foot and rubbed his leg for a little while. Landon was getting a bit fussy and finally fell asleep and I decided that it was time for me to take him home after his long day. I said my goodbyes knowing deep down inside it was probably my last time seeing her. We got the call that same night telling us Tissie had past away. Ugh...that day was here. I didn't want it to be here, but I knew that it was for the best. She was in so much pain, and if anyone knew Tissie, you know she liked to be up and out and not stuck in a hospital bed. None the less, it was hard. The following days were kind of a whirlwind now looking back. I don't think any of us knew which end was up. Family calling, food like you've never seen arriving, my family coming and going, etc. Let's just say my house was CRAZY!!! So for the next couple of days family started coming in. We had the visitation on Wednesday night and the Memorial service was on Thursday. It was a very nice service. It finally hit me as I walked down the aisle to the front of the church with Da on my arm, that Tissie was gone forever. Only the memories we had made were left. It such a sad feeling. As these next couple of months go by, it will get better for me, for my mom, for my family, and especially for Da....I am determined to think so.
I said from the time that she was hospitalized 2 months ago that under these unfortunate circumstances, it brought tons of family in that I either had never met before or hadn't seen in a long time, and it was nice to catch up. But it makes me sad because now that everything is done with, family won't be coming in every other week or so. Please understand what I'm about to say...I by no means wanted to see her sick, but I liked her holding on to life because it made family come and see her and therefore, I got to see them. Now I'm sad because I won't get to see them near as much. So as I finish writing, I must say Thank you to Tissie...Thank you for being the grandmother that came to every sporting event no matter how far away, thank you for all those crazy outfits you wore (we secretly liked them no matter how crazy they were), thank you for all those pajama sets from Hong Kong even though we never wore them, thank you for all those Christmas presents wrapped in the newspaper comics because you ran out of wrapping paper (Christmas won't be the same anymore), thank you for all those times you wanted to take a roll home from a restaurant so you wrapped it in a napkin, thank you for all the crazy jewelry you gave me, thank you for eating all those rolls with me :), and thank you for all the thank you's I can't remember, but most of all....thank you for loving me no matter what!! You are going to be missed more than you will ever know! I can't wait for the day that we will all be together again!!

I LOVE YOU!! 11/18/28-07/20/08

This was her crazy self!! :)

Our last picture together...I love you Tissie!


Beach Trips

I feel like I've been so out of touch the past couple of weeks, but it's been a crazy past couple of weeks. I left you last with Landon and I on our way to the beach!! :)
I loaded up Saturday the 5th with Landon, my grandmother, my aunt, and my three cousins all in one minivan!! That was a sight in itself! haha. We were trying to all go together to save on gas and we were pretty determined to do it. I was ok with it, but you have to understand that my three cousins that went with us are all between 5'10" and 6'2", and they were all cramped in the backseat. I felt bad for them, but I needed to be by Landon on the ride down so I sat up there with him. On the way down, we always go in two days just to make it easier on the little kids. We stop in Thomasville and get a hotel. All the little kids play and swim and we always make our anual trip to Ruby Tuesday to eat and get dessert! :) This year was a very smooth ride down with Landon and the gang. He did very good and really was a good car rider! We got up on Sunday and headed to the beach! Our beach trips are not like any other family beach trips. There are about 22 of us that go and everyone basically knows what room they stay in and what food they are going to cook. I definitely won't go in to every detail of the week, but it was a great week to be with family and "relax". It was just nice to just get away from the house. I didn't go down to the beach expecting to go out to the beach everyday, but I did make 2 appearances on the beach! The second one...probably a little too long for my pale little body and boy did I pay for it. But it was worth it now...I at least have tan lines to show for it! Landon did make 2 evening outings to the beach to put his feet in the sand and water. He loves the outside, so he was so happy to be out there looking at all the news things! All my family was so helpful with Landon and really made the week fun for me too!
I got a call on Wednesday that my brother was going to be having his baby sometime in those next couple of days so I started to prepare how I could get to them in South Carolina without having to go all the way back to Atlanta and then drive up to Myrtle Beach. I decided to fly on Saturday from Tallahassee to Charleston so that I could be with them when the baby arrived. This would be Landon's first airplane ride!! I absolutely love airports and love to fly so I was so excited to take him on one so early in his life! He did so good on both flights. I fed him before my first flight left and then he slept the whole plane ride to Atlanta. I had an hour layover and he ate then and then slept the whole way to Charleston. He was such a good trooper. My parents and brothers met me at the airport and then we made the 2 hour drive back to Myrtle Beach. We hung out on Sunday and then Monday was the big delivery day! I will post more about precious Adalyn Paige soon!! :) We stayed through Wednesday and then mom and I made the 6 hour ride home with Landon. He did very good on that ride also! It was so fun to take Landon on his first beach trip! I can't wait for next year when he will actually be able to play in the sand and water! :)
Several people mentioned to me that I needed to update the blog, but I don't have the pictures from the beach yet, so as soon as I do, I will put them up! I will also put pictures up soon of Adalyn!!



I really don't have much to say, but definitely had to update you on one certain thing! First off...pictures went great on Monday! :) Got some really cute ones and can't wait to get them on the 17th! Secondly...still waiting on the neice of mine! She needs to hurry up. But now that we are already to Wednesday, she needs to wait until I get back from the beach next Sunday. If she would only cooperate with all of us! Thirdly...(is that even a word? I guess I should know since I'm going to be a teacher...but I don't. Who cares anyway....besides my mom?) Anyways, I met my roomate and her boyfriend today at the Avenue in Snellville. We ate lunch at Urban Flats and then went to Target to get some last minute things I needed for Landon at the beach. I got everything I needed and then came across the cutest things I have ever seen for a baby. And very practical too!! I know these have been around and didn't think I would ever use them, but I gave in! So below you will find the most adorable little boy ever with his awesome sunglasses! :) Now he can see in the sun! You can find them at Target for anyone who needs them! I must run now..just wanted ya'll to see my cute find! I will post pictures of his first beach trip when I get back!! Have a great 4th!

His first pair of sunglasses!

He loved them!! (And his tongue)

We're ready for the beach!

They stay on top of his head too!