Corn Dawgs

So I have to confess....we cheated on Southern Belle this year! I love Southern Belle and it is one of my favorite places to go. I love the scenery, the people that own it, and love even more their produce I can get from there! Oh yeah....and their blackberry cobbler! O-M-G! It is amazing!

But this year we didn't head there for the fall. We headed the opposite direction on the map to Corn Dawgs in Loganville. My parents took Addy last year and loved it. My mom and I took Landon for the day and he had a blast! He was free to do whatever he wanted! This place is huge! It was super fun! It had gigantic slides, a place for just kids 5 and under to play, a real race car, boat, and bi-plane to get in and play. Animals to feed, hay rides, corn maze for smaller kids, jumpy pillow, big corn pit, cars to ride on, and a million other things that I can't rememeber. It is basically Southern Belle on drugs! We spent all day there having a blast! I will continue to support Southern Belle, but for the fall, Corn Dawgs has won my heart!

Beware....there are a lot of pictures below. I won't comment on them, but they are super fun to look at!

Even Gigi joined in on the fun! :)

Hay ride!

Ms. Farmer and her cow!!

Until next year!

Annual Halloween Party

We had our second annual Halloween party with my co-workers from school. I decided to host this year and it was perfect because we had just gotten our house in order from moving!! :)

The Leigh's, Hoffman's, Collinsworth's, and Colver's game over for the afternoon! We met a new teacher last year that has kids around the same age and has fit perfectly in with our group, but she couldn't make it to the party!

We had the most perfect day for our party! It was so nice outside that the kids played outside 98% of the time! We each made an appetizer or snack and then Chassidy and I made soups. I made chili and she made potato soup! We snacked and played all afternoon! The kids have such a good time together. They all play pretty well together!! Last year we carved pumpkins, but none of the kids were into it. This year we were going to carve them again, but the night got away from us and the adults decided it was too much and the kids weren't interested, so we skipped it this year! We can basically get together every month because there is some holiday or birthday so it is a lot of fun!!

This has turned into tradition to have this cheeseball at the party! It is so delicious!!!
So I got this idea from Southern Belle. They have this huge corn pit and I wanted to re-create it for the kids. I couldn't figure out what to put the corn in, but when I came across this pool at Target for $12, but I grabbed it! They had a BLAST!! It was definitely a hit with the kids, but man did it leave them dusty!

Nothing better than dinner on the kitchen floor! They were all so dusty, we just let them eat on the floor that could be cleaned the easiest!

Parker only wanted to eat cheese by the spoonfulls for dinner. So he did....

Until it spilled on the floor...then he ate it off the floor! haha

In between corn playing, they loved running back and forth and just being kids!

Carson and Parker loved smashing their face on the screen and playing hide-n-seek with Amy through it!

*Sweet face*

I am so blessed to have such wonderful people that I work with, that have kids Landon's age, and that we get along with! The kids love playing, but I think the adults have just as much fun!

Can't wait for our next get together!!