Super excited!!

So my favorite books of all time are by Nicholas Sparks!! His most recent book, The Last Song, was the best book so far and my all time favorite that he has written!! I have been waiting for the movie to come out and it will be here March 31st!!! I'm kind of confused because that is a Wednesday, and we all know big movies don't come out until Friday. So I watched the trailer again and it says in theaters April 2nd. So what I'm thinking is that the release date of it is March 31st and then it will be here in theaters on the 2nd!

I am like BEYOND excited and can't wait. I hope the 'ol Miley Cirus doesn't ruin it. I like her, but I'm not a huge, huge fan.....so we'll see. So if any of you haven't read it....go get it today and read it!!!!