Do you have Direct TV....

I so love listening to 1st graders and their conversations they have with each other when they think no adult is listening....it really makes me laugh!!
So this morning as I am aimlessly walking around the classroom getting stuff ready for the day, the kids are trickling in and I hear them all rambling about the Nickelodeon Awards (not really sure what this is, but I was informed by the radio this morning that it is like the Oscars for Nickelodeon) behind me....
Everyone: "Oh my gosh!! Miley Cirus won!!! I love her...She is so cute...etc, etc"

Boy 1: (from across the room) "G, do you have Direct TV?"
Boy 2: (from across the other side) "No....I have Comcast"
Boy 1: "Oh never mind, Comcast sucks so you wouldn't know what I'm talking about"
Boy 2: "No, Direct TV sucks. My mom and dad told me that we can't have Direct TV because it is bad and their satellites suck."
Boy 1: "Well, I'm not going to tell you what I was going to say because you're being mean!"

How do 1st graders know that SATELLITES suck?? Seriously...it's crazy to me. I just turned around and started laughing!

I seriously think I'm going to pick out a conversation every day and blog about it!! I only get through my days by laughing at them!! :)


I need prayers please!!

So tomorrow morning at 9 AM I will report to Rockdale Career Academy for the Job Fair!! Oh you don't know how desperate I am for a job. Since the economy is so down, they are not hiring many teachers and only have a select number of teaching positions open!! Gwinnett and Henry are on a job freeze right now and there are not really many other options for me around here. So....pray as much as you can and keep your fingers crossed that I either get a job offering or that I will have a second interview.....ANYTHING that leads to a job somehow. Now I know all of this is not on my timing, but I just really need a secure job for next year so that I can provide for Landon, etc.
So thank you in advance for all the prayers and I owe each and every one of you the BIGGEST thanks I can give you for all the good words you put in to several principals! You guys are the best and I appreciate all the effort from the bottom of heart!!
I'll give you the update tomorrow afternoon...maybe you'll hear that I am the future teacher of some grade between Pre-K and 5th!! :)

Practicing my interview skills,


Snow Day

I love the snow!! Everything about it makes me happy. I love how everything is just a blanket of white! As we all know, living here in Georgia isn't exactly the best place to live if you like the snow. But yesterday was a good day...It started to snow around lunch time and I'm so glad that is snowed all day and evening. We even got to have our 1st fire of the winter!
I stayed home from church because Landon just needed a good nap (not one in the board room at church, haha) and it began to snow while I was here. Mom and Kacy got home from church and Mom and I were heading back out to go set up for Krista's shower at Stephanie's house. While we were setting up for the shower, it began to really snow. The entire time at the shower, people were just amazed that it was really snowing AND sticking!! I called Kacy to make sure he didn't put Landon to sleep before I got home because we definitely had to get pictures of his first snow because there is no telling when we might see it again....probably another 5 years or something! :)
I got home and our street was so pretty. I grabbed Landon, bundled him up and we went out to see what he thought. Now this child is an outside baby. He LOVES to be outside. He did like the snow, but he just couldn't quite figure out what this white stuff was that was falling from the sky. And why when he looked up these white things would fall in his eyes!! We put him down to get some pictures and he fell straight in the snow. Unfortunately, we didn't have any water resistant clothes for him so he couldn't really play in it. We just took some pictures and tried to stay warm outside.
I was super happy when I got up at 5 am this morning to get ready for school (yes, Gwinnett waits until 5 am to cancel...grrr) that they had indeed cancelled school for today!! YAY, just a lazy day with my little man and mom!! I have loved the extra day off and even got to catch up on some sleep this morning...Thanks mom! :)
So here are just a few pictures from our snow adventure yesterday....

Until our next snowfall,

And the snowflake fell right in front of my face...

Trying to sit in the snow!

Our pretty street :)

Eating the snowball Alex made him!