Waffles, Crackers, Bananas, and Juice!!

Yep. The title says it all. That is all that Landon will currently eat. Well there are a few more things that I can get him to eat without a fuss. This all started prior to him getting sick about 3-4 weeks ago. (Maybe 5). Once he got sick I totally understood. I was in survival mode while he was sick so that is all he would eat and I let him. But prior to him getting sick he would at least eat turkey, ham, and hotdogs for meat. Now he will eat NONE. And I seriously mean none. I have tried everything, every which way, covered up by a sweet potato bite (which he discovered my trick), pureed (sp?), just about any way to get it down. But nothing will do. So his daily meals consist of a Kashi waffle in the morning with banana, maybe some dry cereal for a snack mid-morning (since he can't have dairy), who knows what is for lunch....cereal bar. Whatever I can get him to eat. And then dinner is just a battle...probably oatmeal with bananas. The other night my mom and I seriously could only get him to eat Chex Mix and Potato Chips!! SERIOUSLY?? I have that child that I said I would never have and never let eat like this!! Ugh. And this is why I feel like he eats constantly because he is never full. But he knows I will give it to him because I feel like he will starve! Ahhh, what to do-what to do!?

So if any of you have any great ideas of how to get him to eat, I would greatly appreciate it. I'll give you a list of things he will eat with no problem:
1. Bananas (he does not lack calcium! haha)
2. Baby oatmeal (with bananas)
3. Baked sweet potato
4. Chex Mix
5. Any type of cracker that doesn't have cheese in it
6. Bread
7. a few grapes/strawberries
8. French fries (yeah, that was his lunch 3 days in a row along with Frosted Mini Wheats) I'm such a good mother! :)
9. Any type of dry cereal

Healthy food advice or anything that would increase his list of food is welcome! :)

Out of crackers as we speak,