"Mommy, please don't make me be a Gamecock"

In honor of the Georgia vs. South Carolina game this weekend, I put him in this sweatshirt that he got as a hand me down from one of my family members. I'm not sure if she was trying to drop hints that she wanted Landon to be a South Carolina fan, but it will never, ever happen. I had to try this on him for a certain friend, and look what happened when he wore it.... He was really upset that he had a South Carolina sweatshirt on. He secretly knows that this is what all the South Carolina fans will be doing when they lose this weekend. I am happy to see that he already knows that he doesn't like the Gamecocks! I hated to make him wear it any longer, but I quickly took some pictures of him in it. He never became happy in it. Screamed the whole time.
The sweatshirt part is so cute, just not the name on it....so if there is ever a Georgia sweatshirt, I'll take it!!

"What is the awful thing I am wearing?"
"Will you please take this off of me, now!"


Landon's first hide and go seek attempt!! After leaving Landon on the floor in the living room for approx. 2 minutes on his blanket...this is what I come back to.....He was trying to hide from me, but didn't succeed too well because he left his little legs out for us to see!! He had his head lifted up looking around trying to figure out how he had gotten himself in that situation. Too cute!!


Here are some more pictures of his crawling attempts!! He is sooo super close to doing it. I can't wait for him to start moving!! He is just so stinking cute....(sorry, I'm just slightly obsessed with his cute little face!)


They are such friendly little things...

So I was looking through some photo folders today and I came across these pictures that I had taken!! Daisies are by far my all time favorite flower. How could you not like something as pretty and friendly as this?? I love flowers...if my entire house could be filled with flowers in every room...I would do it. The only bad thing is, I can't seem to keep them alive for very long. I think I forget to change their water and then they end up dying. But when they're alive....they are simply amazing. One day when I do get married, this is what will be in my hand, my bridesmaids hands, and all over that church, where ever that might be. I do look forward to the day that I (or whoever is helping me with my wedding) can decorate the church with these. Until then, I will just settle for them in my room or around the house. So if that certain someone is ever wondering what kind of flowers to get me...daisies will win my heart! Sorry I got a little posting happy today...I think this is my last one!!

The cutest GEORGIA fan ever!!

Just a quick update to let you know that I have the cutest Georgia fan ever!! He already knows how to say "Go Dawgs" and we're working on "Sic 'em"!! :) I just had to put these cute pictures on here so you could see his cute game day attire!! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
I love this picture!! He looks like a little man here.
Talking to his "Pops" about the game

He loves his Georgia football team!


Craziness rules my life....

Once again the last month has been crazy!! I unfortunately had to attend another funeral in 1 month for my grandfather, Papa. He was my dad's father and he passed away from alzheimer's. We miss him so very much! I started school back, so Landon is staying with his Nina and it seems to be going very good. The commute isn't too bad back and forth and it is so nice that I miss traffic. I got it approved to be at Honeycreek to do my observations and that is a BLESSING!! I have to be there at 8am and I can leave at 7:55 and make it on time!! :) So great.
In Landon's world....he is babbling like crazy. I have been teaching him to go to sleep on his own (Thanks Dr. Ferber) and it is going great. I started it last week before we went to Nashville and he has adapted to it so well. If he cries at all now, it's only for about 2 or 3 min. It is such a relief to not have to fight with him to go to sleep. He is almost crawling!! This morning he was laying on the floor and pushed up on all four and then moved his leg in! It's so cute to see him develop this. He is going to be a mover when he can finally go. He is now eating rice cereal and loves that too. I have put him in the excersaucer and he really likes to play in there. Because of his reflux, it is so nice to have a place to put him where he is upright and not laying on the floor.
We went to Nashville over Labor Day weekend! A group of friends were all going up there and they so kindly invited Landon and I! We had such a good time. We stayed at the Opryland hotel and just did all the fun touristy things you do there. He did really really good.

Ok...thats all the update I have time for. Landon is in his bed now crying because I have left him in there for a while!! I will leave you with some cute pictures!!
His cowboy hat that his Uncle Ben bought him!
Rather upset that his cousin is leaving!! (He really might be upset because we told him he couldn't eat her face)
Loving his cereal

Loving his excersaucer