Secret Cupid

Since Monday was Valentine's Day and we were here at school, I got together "Secret Cupid" for our staff. We played it just like Secret Santa except it only took place for one day. It was super fun because we had a smaller group and it was really fun people who participated. We were to give a small item in the morning such as chocolate, card, etc and a little clue. That afternoon we had a revealing party and all brought snacks and then revealed who our secret cupid was. I had Stephanie who teaches 3rd grade and I wanted to make her something. I totally stole the idea from Kroger, but it was $28 to buy...so I made it for only $11. These were my supplies...glass (I was originally looking for the 1950's soda fountain glass, but couldn't find it anywhere, so I went with the beer glass from Dollar Tree for only $1!!), 4 inch foam ball from the flower department, 4 bags of Twix, and hot glue!

I set the foam ball on the glass and kind of outlined where it touched so I would know where to start gluing the Twix on. (I did not glue the foam ball to the glass. It actually sat there just fine without being glued on.) I put a little hot glue on the end of the wrapper and then attached it to the foam. You have to hold it there for just a few seconds to get it to stick.

Half way done with it.

Another view of the half way point.

I started out using the "fun size" Twix and had only bought two bags of them. I ran out so Jay went to the store and bought me more. I told him to get me mini's (totally thinking that is what I had been using, but it wasn't) so when he got back I realized it was the wrong size, but it actually worked out better to use mini's on the top half. The mini's stuck out a little more and looked cuter like that.

At the top I attached some red stuff....I don't know what it is called, but you put it in presents and it's that curly looking stuff. I also cut a straw and poked into the foam to create a "milk shake, coke float", whatever you want to call it kind of look. Since it was Valentine's Day, I added the candy hearts to the glass just to be more festive!

Here is final picture! I wanted a better one, but the light at school made everything really bright.

It was a huge hit and everyone wanted to know how to make them, so I thought I would share it with you guys! You can use any kind of candy you want!! :)

Happy Making Friends!!


My life is changing...for the good...in only 13 weeks!!

Last night my little financial world was rocked and it's because of the man on the picture above!! For the next 91 days I am going to start to get myself out of debt and start saving. I joined 6 other adults (well 7 including the teacher) last night at Crosspoint Church to start Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. (I will now refer to it as "FPU" for the sake of my fingers!) I have struggled with money and finances for a while now, but just never put my mind to it to fix the problems.

I was meeting with my assistant principal one day after school and we were just discussing life in general. I mentioned that I was just stressed about money and she offered this class to me through her church! I immediately knew I needed to do it. It is the perfect time in my life to start this so I jumped on board.

*These next points will be all over the place because my mind is racing with everything I want to tell you guys. So forgive me please! :)

*Sidenote story(this is neat for me and was almost in tears of how happy this made)....at the end of the meeting we were asked to find one more accountability person if we wished outside of our meeting group just to help us along with any "struggles" during the week. I sat and thought of who I should ask to do it. I thought of someone but decided that against that person for various reasons. I thought of someone else, but quickly "x"ed them off the list for other various reasons. I thought of my friend Kelsey because I talk to her a lot and she is good with money and numbers. So I called her on the way home and was telling her about my new adventure and asked her to be my accountability partner. She told me that she had just said that she wanted to be a financial advisor for friends!! How cool!! I had no idea that she wanted to do that and she was wanting to do it for friends! Super exciting!! We were both blown away by it and knew that it was meant to be! ;)

So this is the point of me blogging about this....I have 13 weeks of "lessons/meetings" on Wednesday nights. I have 7 other accountability people to walk through this with me, but I would love for you guys to walk through this with me too in prayer. I'm really excited about this class and can't wait to see how everything works! My goal is to blog after every meeting just to keep myself accountable and to let you guys follow too!!

My first goal is to get $1,000 in a savings account. My plan is to start putting money towards it, but also using some of my tax return money to get me to that $1,000 quicker. Dave Ramsey says that this is the "easiest, but hardest step." This is the step that makes you think "am I going to take this step or not?"

We have to change our priorities in order to save....if it is that important to us, we will save!! Saving money is about emotion and contenment. I have to be ok with where I am than buying something. I have to tell myself that it doesn't matter about anyone or anything else...I am content with where I am.

Proverbs 21:20 "In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has."

Everyone in life is looking for a quick fix, but building weath is a marthon, not a sprint. Will it take a while, absolutely. But you must be disciplined and focused in order to get there. We must be patient.

20% of this is math, 80% is discipline.

Money is "as you will it"!

I am super excited about these next 91 days and the rest of my money saving life!! :)

I'll be back next week with more updates!!

Happy Savings Friends!!


Marvelous Monday

I really don't blog much about me and Jay. Not because I don't like him (because I REALLY do), but I just always blog about Landon and by the time that is done, I am out of time. So this is a quick post with a cute picture of us! ;) We celebrated Kelsey's birthday this weekend at Taco Mac and she took this lovely picture of us!

We are normally acting silly and being stupid so our pictures aren't always the greatest, but this time we got a good one! He is my favorite!

It's a framer friends!! :)

But anyways Happy Birthday to Kelsey and happy picture taking to us!!!!! haha


Hair Salon

So this is what I walked into when I went to pick up Landon yesterday from Amy's!
Landon loves Amy's house and never wants leave. Yesterday when I came in she was in the middle of playing hair salon with the girls. Of course, Landon and Mac wanted their hair done too. It was really funny to watch them sit so still have have their hair done too.

Getting his braids done.

"I would hate to do this everyday" hahahaha



Thankfully he didn't mind taking them out before we went in the store! :)

Guns and Scissors

This past weekend was B-E-A-U-TIFUL weather!! We were outside as much as possible. Sunday we spent the day at my parents. I got to wash and clean out my car (which by the way made me mad that it rained Monday) while Landon napped and then we played outside all afternoon and evening. Landon's new favorite thing to do is to shoot the bad guys and take them to jail. It's not my most favorite thing that he does, but he's a boy...what am I supposed to do? haha My dad was cleaning his gun from duck hunting so Landon wanted to use it to shoot the bad guys. So he spent some time shooting the hose, I mean bad guys, and carting them to jail.

Practicing his shots

On his way to look for the bad guys

I'm sure the neighbors loved looking out the window and seeing a little boy with a gun pointed at their house! haha

Finding them in his scope

Finally found the bad guys! haha

His other favorite thing to do is cut paper with his "little boy scissors". He decided that it would be fun to cut leaves in the grass and trim Papa's bush. So we spent the other half watching him squat around the yard to cut leaves and bushes. It was pretty entertaining!

Trimming the bush!!

Getting the ones way inside the bush!

Hope you guys were able to enjoy some of the beautiful weather last weekend. This week of weather has really made me wish for spring to be here. Like NOW!!!!