*Blogger is being silly so my pictures are first! :)

Since everything was RIDICULOUSLY priced, we went for the free train tattoo's!
Tattoo's!!!!!! SUUUGGGAAARRRR!!

see how crazy they were being! haha

And more funny boys!

All the trains!

They could not stand still for the life of them! William running around with Matt and Micah didn't want to get his picture taken so we went with these four who would more interested in the curtain that opened!


Braden really wanted us to take his picture over and over and over!

We had tons of fun!

Braden really wanted to be in it with Landon and I so we let him! :)

Sunday afternoon Landon and I met the Cardoza's, Collinsworth's, Hoffman's and May's at Gwinnett Areana to see Thomas Live! I got the tickets as part of Landon's birthday presents. He loves anything that has to do with trains so I asked the other families to come along with us! We had great seats and kids LOVED it! All of the kids were shocked when there was a "real" Thomas and Percy on stage! We sugared them up with cotton candy, popcorn, and sprite! I seriously have never seen Landon any funnier. He and Braden were seriously on cloud 9! They loved every minute of it. We weren't technically supposed to have flash photography, but everyone else was taking pictures so I figured what the heck....I would too! :) The show was about an hour long and then we headed home! It was a fun experience and glad we got to spend it with some of his best buds!


Wordless Wednesday

*This was supposed to be uploaded yesterday, but I totally forgot because it was field trip day! :)

Melts my heart!