*I don't know why my pictures are so small.....sorry!!
So my computer has been acting up and would never let me get to this page to post so that's why I'm just posting about his birthday.

This is my silly little boy!!

Landon turned TWO on April 6th. I still can't believe that he is two. He is growing up so fast and is so much fun! He is definitely ALL boy and is non stop. He is so full of energy and just loves to play! He would be outside all day long if I would let him. Unfortunately, he has gotten my allergy genes so the pollen has kept us in a lot this spring. But it seems like it is slowly going away so we have been out a little more.

We had his party this first weekend of Spring Break at Papa and Gigi's!! He loves "Choo-Choo" (which is Thomas...funny, he'll call all the others by their name. Like "Percy", "Emily", and "Diesel 10", but won't even try to say Thomas. He is just "Choo-choo") so we did a Thomas party! He was soooo happy about his cake when he saw it. A lady I work with owns "Sweet Treats" on the square in Covington and she made it for us! It was so stinking cute!

We such a fun day and it was just fun and mostly relaxing. We had family and a few friends over to help us celebrate. Landon loved himself and especially loved his bike from Papa and Gigi. Even though he won't ride on it...he just pushes it. But he sure does love it!!

Landon is so big and is the ever Mr. Independent!! He wants to do everything by himself, which sometimes in nice, but sometimes not so good. :/ He is talking so much and is putting multiple words togethe to try and makes sentences. He is finally drinking milk out of a cup. I hated that he was still on a bottle, but one day I tried it and he just drank it, so I put the bottles away that afternoon and it is GREAT! haha He loves, loves, LOVES Papa, Gigi, Amy (have I mentioned she is the child whisperer....if you need a babysitter, talk to me!! ), Tay-Tay (her daughter who is at SCE with me), and outside. He loves that they are doing all the construction by our apartment because he gets to watch "tractor digt, tractor digt" everyday! He loves "ebu's"(airplanes), "hac-cu-cas" (helicopters), "sides" (slides), and "bigt trucks"!! He has so many more words in that vocabulary, but those are just some of the funny ones.

He shocks me every day at his memory. I know every mom thinks that their child is smart, but he really does impress me with his memory. He knows the route to the gym, Amy's, Papa and Gigi's house, Publix, and church. If I tell him that we are going to go somewhere, but have to take a detour or go another way, he freaks out if we pass the road and don't turn on it. Sometimes I do it on purpose just to see if he realizes. haha That's mean....but it is funny. He remembers everything. I don't think that he will be a child that I can slip things by.