red ribbons make everything better

She might kill me for even putting this up, but this is how we spent our Teacher Work Day in meetings.....a red ribbon that we had to wear in honor of Dr. Suess.
Red ribbons make everything happier....and the fact that she is pregnant makes it even HAPPIER!!!!!!! :)


To be honest...I really don't like Halloween at all. I never have been a fan of it and I think that is because we didn't do it as kids. We went to a private christian school through my elementary years so it was always looked down upon, but I really want Landon to experience it because it is fun for them. Halloween also marks the kick off to my oh so favorite time of the year so I have to learn to enjoy it!!

We had a laid back day and made sure that Landon got a good nap in so that he would be ready for some trick or treating. Last year, my dad and Mike rigged up this cooler with a fake snake in it. He put a huge sign on it telling the kids to help themselves to the candy. When kids would walk up he would just simply say that he thought they were going to be out of town but weren't, so the candy was already in there. I've never heard screams like that before....and the funnier part is that fact that he recorded all the kids so we just laugh and laugh. Anyways, this year he thought he would do the same thing and most kids already knew. But we did get some pretty funny laughs from the newbies. I told him that next year he will have to think of a new plan next year.

So a couple of family's from church came over to our neighborhood and we all went together. All the kids did a great job and after we were done with the ohhhh, 10 houses we hit up, we went back and sat on the porch and just laughed at the kids. It was a super fun first Halloween experience!!!heading out on the adventure....wagons in tow....Landon getting candy from his favorite JoeThis is his wife...Landon and William really couldn't figure out why they could hear her voice but couldn't see her. Looking kind of puzzled...not sure if they should approach that "thing". hahaGetting candyThis is how he spent the last couple of houses...."choo chooing" as loud as he could on Jay's shoulders! "cheeeeese"
My sweet friends that I keep after school...Alyssa and Tyler!

My favorite! :)

Until next year....