Walking in confident....

***UPDATE 6/5: I still have not heard anything from Pine Street. I was told that I would hear something by this past Wednesday, but I am still playing the waiting game! :( I'm sure is busy and what not, but I am becoming slightly impatient....doesn't she know she has a girl sitting at her house where there are no jobs to come by and that girl at least got an interview and now is really wanting to know how it went? haha I seriously am ok with waiting, but I just would like to know even if I didn't get the job so I know if I need to start looking other places again. Thanks again for all the continued prayers!! I'll let you know as soon as I hear something!

** UPDATE: So the interview went awesome today!! There was the principal, assistant principal, and the teacher of the year, which also happened to be the grade chair for third grade. I felt unbelievably relaxed and calm....I think because there were so many prayers going around! A big thanks to everyone! :) I sat in there with them and talked for an hour! It obviously was a lot of questions, but the principal also gave me a lot of input and advice for being a first year teacher! I felt so relieved when I left there. I was interviewing for a 5th grade position, but she informed me that a 3rd grade position had opened up unexpectedly yesterday so I was kind of interviewing for both. I was super happy about that because 3rd grade happens to be my favorite! Everyone assured me as I was walking out, that they really enjoyed talking to me and that I should know something by next Wednesday, if not sooner! So please continue to pray and let's keep our fingers crossed to get good news soon!!

Yep, you see it...this could be my official teaching home next year and I could officially be a Road Runner after tomorrow.....

So this is just going to be a quick update, but I got a call from Pine Street today and I have an interview with the principal tomorrow at 1:00 for a 5th grade position!! I am beyond excited and seriously can't believe that something might just work out. I am extremely nervous because 90% of my experience is in the lower grades (3rd and below), and I'm not giong to lie, these really big 5th graders kind of intimidate me, (who by the way is only 5'2"!!) I will gladly accept the position if it is offered, but I just never dreamed I would be teaching older kids.

So please pray that I am confident in what I have learned and that I can portray to these lovely lasdies that will be interviewing me that I may not be experienced with 5th graders, but I am willing to take on the challenge and will do any and everything to get accustomed to the 5th grade scene! I will DEFINITELY be back to update tomorrow and let you know if I get it or at least how the interview went. So, if any of you think about it tomorrow around 1, say a little prayer for me and pray that they feel like I am the person that is supposed to join the Pine Street faculty next year! :)

Preparing and calming my nerves for tomorrow,