State Fair 2011

Ashley and I decided to take the kids down to Perry, Ga for the state fair about a month ago. We had great time. It was just like any local fair...just on steroids! :) We took the wagon and pulled the kiddos around because they never would have made it the whole way walking. It is a HUGE place and so many people. And it also gave us a place to stash our stuff!

We started off buying tickets and letting the kids ride some of the kiddie rides while it wasn't too crowded. Maddie was not into the rides at first, but we got her to go on all of them and by the end of the day she was happy and holding her arms up in the air. Landon really wanted to go on the roller coaster, but he was about an inch too short, so we will have to go back next year! He is a dare devil like me and that makes me sooooo happy! I see Six Flags in our future!!!!

We got to see pig races, an alligator show, seals, camels, donkeys, horses (I didn't even dare go in the barn....Ashley took the kids), sheep riding (Mustin' Bustin' to be exact), and lots of other animals and fun things.

As the day went on it got PACKED. I have never seen so many people!! We were going to go see the circus, but we would have to waited an hour and then drive almost 2 hours back and we had two very tired kids, so we decided to head on back about 5:30. We had a really fun and long day!!

Going in!

Landon was very excited for his first ride!

haha Look at Maddie's face! She was not too sure!
But it was success!!

Ashley and Maddie

For some reason Landon wanted to do "peace" signs! So we did!

Landon and I

Getting ready to go on the Ferris Wheel

Maddie was actually really excited about this!

He was loving this!

Maddie was very worried about riding the flying elephant, but once it started she loved it!

See the face!

We had a lunch out at the car and relaxed in the shade a little bit!

They got a fun snack later in the day! Maddie got chocolate ice cream and Landon got a slushie!

We went and saw the alligator show with "Dave" the alligator man. They loved it because we were on the front row so the water spalshed on us while he was wrestling the alligator.

After the alligator show, we went to the Mutin' Bustin' show. This was hilarious! This show is where kids ages 3 and up ride on sheep and see who can ride on them the longest. It was the highlight of the day. A four year old came in second and a girl came in first! Landon was dying to do it, but it was expensive to enter him and we didn't want to wait around for the next show.

This little girl was holding on for dear life!

We finished up the day with some more stuff to see and then they wanted to ride the Crazy Bus one time before we left.

We had a great time and hopefully will get to go back next year!



Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three come together in My name, there I am."

I am so thankful that I work in a school that has a principal that is bold enough to pray out loud and quote bible versues at an impromtu faculty meeting.

Today, we had some sad news hit the 'creek. It's not "as bad" as it could be and things change in an instant and we are hoping they change for the good....not the bad. But it makes me so unbelievably happy to work along side people that want to pray with each other no matter what religion, etc someone might be.

So as you read this, think about the staff and students here at the 'creek and say a little prayer for us and a sweet young 4th grader who is fighting for his life. We all know he is a fighter and can pull through this, but it is hard to know that a student that you see everyday and smiles no matter what, is in a hospital bed with tubes and and cords connected to him for something he couldn't prevent.

Matthew 19:26- "...and with God, all things are possible."

Back in the swing of things

We had a great and relaxing summer! I didn't really do much blogging and it was nice not to worry about it. (I know you guys were really bummed) haha

Getting ready to go to school. I didn't plan this....he litterally just stoppped and started looking!

Well, we have been in school for 27 days and are finally getting into the swing of things. Landon started going to RCA's pre-school where my mom works. I am really excited that he is going but it has definitely been an ADJUSTMENT! It has been long hard days since he has started. My mom comes to my school and picks him up and takes him with her. He loves getting to ride in "Gigi's Silver Bus"! :) He was a great napper and loved his naps-2 1/2 to 3 hours. But since school has started he is working on only 1 hour a day. So the afternoons are full of M-E-L-T downs and crying. He has gotten better, but I can still tell that the naps are being missed around our place. Early bedtimes are a must for him! He is doing great and really having a good time. Although, when you ask him about he probably won't tell you anything and will pretend that he hates it. But when I catch him on a good day, he will tell me things that make me know he enjoys it! He loves the songs and has learned so many. He is constantly singing them all the time. He loves Mrs. Dyer his teacher and I think it has taken him 27 days to get used to this school stuff too. I don't blame him....he was 3 and his world got rocked and turned upside down when school started. So I keep reminding myself that it will take time....but we/he can get through it and work the kinks out!

He found the playground on the way in!

Looking for his name to hang his stuff!

He found his Gigi!

Since school has started, we have moved from the apartments and it is in a GREAT location. (I don't have to drive to work!) :) It is so nice and we have an extra bedroom so all of Landon's toys are in the play room and he can have a bedroom!! We have a huge yard and an amazing drive way so he can play, play, PLAY! He has loved it so much. We are going on week number two of being there and loving every minute of it! I will post pictures soon!

Ok, quick update. I'll try to get more posts up about our fun adventures!



Please meet the new Cinderella.....

And then "she" took a tumble and about broke the ankle....I think "she" needs to learn to walk in heels! :)

School's out for the SUMMER!

Yep, school is O-U-T and this girl could not be happier! This has been a very intense school year, but I finished alive and now have the summer to rejuvinate for next year!

We spent the whole weekend at the pool and had lots of fun. Sunday we spent the day at Jay's bosses pool with their families. Landon had a great time and we enjoyed every minute of it. Monday we hung out at our pool, and just relaxed! I hope all of you had a great Memorial Day. Here are some pictures from our pool day on Sunday!

Landon loved not having to go inside to use the restroom! :)



*Blogger is being silly so my pictures are first! :)

Since everything was RIDICULOUSLY priced, we went for the free train tattoo's!
Tattoo's!!!!!! SUUUGGGAAARRRR!!

see how crazy they were being! haha

And more funny boys!

All the trains!

They could not stand still for the life of them! William running around with Matt and Micah didn't want to get his picture taken so we went with these four who would more interested in the curtain that opened!


Braden really wanted us to take his picture over and over and over!

We had tons of fun!

Braden really wanted to be in it with Landon and I so we let him! :)

Sunday afternoon Landon and I met the Cardoza's, Collinsworth's, Hoffman's and May's at Gwinnett Areana to see Thomas Live! I got the tickets as part of Landon's birthday presents. He loves anything that has to do with trains so I asked the other families to come along with us! We had great seats and kids LOVED it! All of the kids were shocked when there was a "real" Thomas and Percy on stage! We sugared them up with cotton candy, popcorn, and sprite! I seriously have never seen Landon any funnier. He and Braden were seriously on cloud 9! They loved every minute of it. We weren't technically supposed to have flash photography, but everyone else was taking pictures so I figured what the heck....I would too! :) The show was about an hour long and then we headed home! It was a fun experience and glad we got to spend it with some of his best buds!


Wordless Wednesday

*This was supposed to be uploaded yesterday, but I totally forgot because it was field trip day! :)

Melts my heart!