Spring Break

Ben and Amanda just got stationed in Jacksonville for their new place in the Coast Guard so I got to keep Addy while Amanda and my mom headed to Jacksonville to look for a house. We stayed at our house while they were gone and had tons of fun on our adventures of me having "twins".
The first day she was there she lost her beloved MAM in the drain outside my apt. She was looking in the drain with Landon and it fell out of her mouth and straight down to the bottom.

There were lots of tears but we graciously gave her another one of Landon's and she was happy! Addy staring down at her MAM wondering how she can get it out!



Love him :)

The weather was so nice while they were here so we ate up the sunshine!
Monday night we went on an adventure to Dunwoody to visit Kelsey and have dinner and dessert with her.

Being silly with MAM's while waiting for Kelsey to get there!

Chick-Fil-A dinner and playhouse was a hit!

Gigi's cupcakes for dessert! They are the BEST cupcakes!

Couldn't wait for their cupcake with *pink* icing!!! Tuesday got very cold and chilly so we decided we would head to GameTime with the Leigh's and Collinsworth's. It is the best place ever! $5 per kid and they can jump their little heart's out. We brought a sack lunch and the kids had a blast!

Yep, head first down the slide!

The rest of the week was consumed with lots of outdoor time. Both kids would stay outside if they could. While my dad was cleaning up the back yard, he found a frog. Landon fell in love.

I told Landon to kiss the frog and when he was about to kiss it, it jumped right at him. Hence the face in this picture.

They had so much fun playing with Papa and riding in the wheelbarrow.

We went to Atlantic Station so Amanda could see it and also meet up with one of her friends that just moved to Marietta. We ate at Doc Greens and then spent the next 2 1/2 hours with kids letting them run all over the green space. Addy really just wanted to lay on the beach and read her book she said. She could care less what anyone else was doing while she was on her beach with a book! :)

We had a great visit and can't wait until they are only 6 hours away from us and we can visit them and the beach anytime we want! :) I see a lot of beach trips in our future!!


I can't believe Landon is already 3. Time has flown by. He is so full of energy and brings so much joy to my life! He is developing into a very bright child and the kid can literally see or hear something one time and it is embedded in his memory forever. Seriously. I have to be very careful sometimes with what I say because he will remember it and remind me of it every day. He is so sweet and has recently become obsessed telling me how much he loves me and anyone that is around how much he loves them. He is a pure blessing!

He wanted to have a Mickey Mouse birthday this year so we went with it. My friend that I teach with, Lisa, has a friend that does cakes on the side and has done some really cute ones for her kids and some other teachers we teach with and she did a fabulous job on this one as well. I really wanted to make his cake because I knew that it would be a pain being the week before spring break. So maybe next year.

We had a great time with all of his friends and family that came. We had it at my parents house which is normally big enough. O.M.G.-we were out of room and none of my dad's family even got to come because it was the same weekend as our family reunion. I really don't know what we would have done if they were all were able to make it. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE a party and don't mind a lot of people, but we were busting at the seams. Looks like I might need to be thinking about next year and where we can have it so everyone is comfortable! It was a super fun time though. What more could you ask for than loud, chaotic, rambunctious children running around to celebrate the cutest curly blonde haired littel boy!?!? NOTHING more! :)

I really don't know what blogger is doing with these pictures, but here are some from the day. I just realized that all the present pictures are on friend's cameras or my mom's. So this is what we have! :)

This was by far his favorite gift he got...a chainsaw like Papa's! :) It goes everywhere with us! Actual birthday night:

Since Ben couldn't be with us we Skyped with him on Landon's birthday and he got to sing happy birthday with us over the computer! :)


It has been super busy since the last time I was here to blog. I have been so busy with teaching and preparing my little angels for their End of the Year Test (previously CRCT), that I am drained by 3:00 and have no motivation to blog. And not to mention that something "happened" to my internet at the apartment and they cancelled it without me knowing so I don't have internet access at the moment. But here is a little list of things that have happened since we last met: (pictures will follow)

* Landon got into RCA's 3 year preschool next year!!!! Which means no more daycare expenses! WOOHOO!! (Still accepting the fact that we are leaving Amy though. :( *tear*)

* Landon turned 3

* Amanda and Addy flew in for his party and we got to spend a week with them over Spring Break

* Financial Peace is going great

* Jay and I attended Opening Day for the Braves which makes me beyond happy that the season has kicked off

* Actively looking for safe houses to possibly rent instead of staying at the apartment when my lease is up in Sept. (I really have a fear of living by myself in anything but an apartment so we'll see if it actually happens. :/ )

* I became the "official" pool monitor this summer for the apartment's pool

* And there are only 26 days left of school!!!!!!! :)

* And the best for last.....Landon is potty trained!!!!!!! :) This was an impromtu idea the last Friday of Spring Break and it was beyond successful!

I am going to attempt to blog each of the major things that has happend recently! Stay tuned! :)