The Magic of Turner Field!

Baseball has officially started!! (It actually started last Sunday, the 5th but I am just now getting around to blogging) This is by far my most all-time favorite thing in the world! I love the Braves and seriously crave baseball when it is the off season! Turner Field is my favorite place and I seriously want to go there all the time! (I possibly would consider living there...ok not really) If you ask anyone who knows me well what my favorite sport is...they know it baseball, and Braves Baseball at that!
Landon and I started preparing for Opening Day the week before....see pictures below! :) Well last Friday night, April 10th was Opening Day for Turner Field! Of course I bought tickets and we planned on going. I just couldn't think of missing it...and Opening Day is just a ritual for me. I was staying with my girlfriend, Whitney for a couple days at the time because she and her boyfriend were going with us! Whitney's parents just ADORE Landon so they were thrilled that we were leaving and they could have him all to theirself. We were going down early to tailgate and cookout and they were literally throwing us out at 3:30 so they could play with him.
Well as we all know...that Friday night was the storms of the century!! Go figure...it would all be coming through Atlanta on that night. But we decided we were going to brave the storms! And we did!! We got down there about 5 and the weather wasn't all that bad then. We had a great time hanging out and grilling out together. Kacy met us there and then we all proceeded in to the game before hand to watch all the fun things!! The weather did hold out until the middle of the 4th inning and then the bottom fell out...Hail and all! I did come prepared with my umbrella and we stayed out in our seats (which were not covered) until they delayed the game and it starting hailing. Everyone headed up to the walkways where it was covered. We just hung out and then as it got later and later we decided that we probably should go because there was no way they would start the game due to the rain!
So we left, and unfortunately they did start it back and it lasted until 1 am. I was all for staying, but Whit had to work early and I had to get home to set up for Landon's party, so we ran through the rain to our car!! I don't have much luck with Friday night baseball games at Turner Field. This one was rained out and last year Michael, Krista, and myself headed out to a game before Landon was born and it was just straight up cancelled because of rain! Either way I am a devoted fan and will still show up in the rain just for an attempt to see my favorite players play! Maybe next time will not rain...but we had tons of fun in the rain!
Loving the game,
I think he should be a baseball player when he grows up!

haha I love this picture of him!
It was just a little windy...

That's better...love her! :)

Pregame festivities!
These are my FAVORITE boys!!

Pure fun!

Beginning of the rain delay....check out all the people under the overhang!

Just hanging out during the storm(We were really waiting in the funnel cake line!!) :)

We were trying to enjoy the rain
Whitney(By this time we were soaking wet and I really don't even know why we had an umbrella...)Loving the rain that night!


Happy Birthday!!

Landon- 1 year ago!!

Wow...I seriously can't believe that Landon was 1 yesterday!! It is so crazy how time flies by. It has been such a fun year and Landon has learned so many things. He has just started walking and it is so cute to watch him look like a drunken sailor sometimes! :)
This past year has been such a whirlwind, but I couldn't have gotten through it without all the help from family and friends! Thank you all from the bottom of heart...I really do appreciate everything!!
I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my little man!! I love you! :)