This has been such a super busy month so this post will have a lot of random things we have done combined in one. I think there has been something go on every weekend which has made it fun but super busy. And along with school that has literally made me crazy already...I have to say this month seems like a blur.

The pumpkin patch really happened in September, but I will just include it with October stuff since it seems to fit better in October. Southern Belle Farms offered a teacher get in free day for the first day that they opened so the Merritt's, Collinsworth's, Hoffman's, and Leigh's all headed out there. It was fun, but it was HOT. I don't think we stayed longer than 2 hours. It all worked out fine because we got to do everything, have a picnic, and get some pictures.

My favorite Saturday of the month was on October 2nd! It was the Bobby Cox Tribute game. I have been waiting and not waiting for this game since the beginning of the season. I knew it was going to be an emotional tribute and a super fun game. Jay and I went and I knew from the beginning that it would probably make me cry. No, I didn't ball my eyes out, but I did tear up when Chipper gave his little speech. It was so sweet and Bobby really appreciated everything that everyone has done for him. We had great seats in the outfield and in the shade which was a huge plus because it was once again a hot day! Unfortunately, we lost the game, but we had such a good time cheering Bobby and the Braves on. *Sidenote...Santa decided to take a break from the North Pole and visit Turner Field to see who was being good! ;)

*Does this suit make me look fat?* haha

Ben and Amanda were here for 10 days at the beginning of the month and we had a super fun visit with them. We got to cheer on our Dawgs to a victory over Tennessee and just hang out and be together. Normally they are here for only a short amount of time and it is always go, go, go, but this time it was a little more slow paced and relaxing.

This was her version of tailgating....reading her horiscope.

Yay for a win!

*These 2 northerners were amazed by the cotton field on the way home and had to stop and pick some!

I went to Augusta with Jay for one of his best friends wedding. It was super fun and hilarious to actually just sit back and watch everyone and not worry about a thing because I knew no one except Jay who was in the wedding and the groom that I had met once. I did thankfully have Jay's mom, sister, and brother to sit with at the wedding and reception. We had such a good time dancing the night away and making great memories. We went to church with Jay and after church we decided to go play golf......hmmmmm NOT so good at golf. I have only gone one other time and that was with my grandparents and they swore they would never take me again because I tore the fairway up. Well I was hoping that was just because I was 11 and just not good yet. hahaha That was a lie. I still am HORRIBLE! You know when you see in the movies where they will miss and it will spin the person around...well I really didn't think it could happen, but it can. I think I missed more than I hit the ball. Me and Megan (Jay's sister) were awful. It was just pure comic relief! I don't think I will take up golf. :)

Best friends!

We had our first Halloween Party with some teachers from school. Me, Ashley, Chassidy, Lisa, and Amy all have kids around the same age so we decided we would have a dinner/pumpkin carving/Frankenstien cookie making/lots of noise party! It was an absolute BLAST! All of the kids played in the backyard and for the amount of kids and different ages, everyone played really, really well together. We only had one bloody nose and that was purely accident. We had chili, potato soup, cheese ball, cornbread muffins, carrots and dip, and lots of other yummy foods. We decided to all bring a pumpkin and let the kids carve them, but it immediately turned in to the moms carving them as the children played. It was probably better that the kids were not around with all the knives and carving tools that were being passed around as some people decided to throw pumpkin guts on people. (Love you Lisa!) Ashley found a cute recipe to make Frankenstien's out of brownies so she led the troops in making them. They turned out really cute. We truly had a great night and now we are just trying to figure out the next time we can make up an excuse to get together.

Parker loved him some pumpkin to gnaw on! haha

Until next time!!