*UPDATE: So Landon did sleep through the night last night again!! YAY I'm hoping that he has done it himself! We're trying for 3 nights in a row!!

So if you have talked to me lately about Landon sleeping through the night, you know that is a touchy subject because he still is not sleeping through the night! I have taken away the middle of the night of feeding, but he still has been getting up around midnight. I keep telling myself that I am going to work on it, but every night I would just rather feed him and then be back sleeping soundly in my bed with no screaming since I have to be up at 5:30am! :)
But last night for the first time EVER....he slept from 8 pm to 7:20 am!! WOOHOO. I honestly just assumed that I somehow slept through the crying and my mom rescued him, but this morning there was still milk in the fridge and she said she never even heard him! How exciting is that!?!?! I'm super happy, but still skeptical because he will trick me all the time. He will have a good night and then the next night it will be horrible. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we have another good night tonight!! Keep your fingers crossed for me too!!

-A pretty happy Mom!!


Pictures Continued

As promised, here are the rest of our pictures from the trip...

Just hanging out
Kacy and his dad

Mr. Bill and Landon playing

Landon loved this rug
Resting after such a big lunch :)

At the dock...their boat is in the background!! Can't wait to go on it this summer :)

My little Georgia Bulldog!!

Playing with the drum

Landon and Kacy exercising

My two favorite boys Mrs. Karen and Landon
Kacy, Me, Adriene (Kacy's sister), and her boyfriend, Griff

Kacy's parents!

Playing on the porch our last day there

How cute is that smile!?

We had the best time in Florida and can't wait to go back. Thanks again to Kacy's parents for having us!! We can't wait to see you all again!!


New Year's

Kacy and I had decided to go down to Orlando to visit his parents for the week of New Year's. Kacy had a lot of time that he could take off from work, so we decided to go down on Monday for the whole week. We left Monday after Landon's last nap, hoping that it would be a little easier ride since Landon would probably go to sleep. We headed about 5:30 loaded down with stuff. I think there was a short time before we left, that Kacy was rethinking this whole trip!! You just totally forget how much stuff you have to take and how much room it takes up.
I fed Landon his dinner in the car so we could go ahead and get going. We drove for about and hour or so and decided that we better go ahead and stop for dinner so that whenever Landon was ready to go to sleep he could. My goal was to keep him awake until 7 and then he could go to sleep anywhere after that. We ate and it bought us about 30 minutes of time. By then it was 7 and he was free to go to sleep. The rest of the drive was smooth sailing except for when we had to stop and get gas. I figured he would wake up (which he did) and then go back to sleep. He had a hard time for about 45 minutes and then he was out cold. I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore so I think I slept the last 4 hours of our trip. Kacy was so sweet to let me sleep and drive with nothing to do! We got to Orlando about 12:30 and went straight to sleep.
Tuesday we woke up ready to be at the beach!! We hung out at his parents house for a little while and then decided we wanted to be at the beach. His parents live in Lake Mary and their condo is in New Smyrna, so it is about a 40 minute drive. We packed everything up and headed to the condo because we were all staying there the rest of the week. We were just lazy on Tuesday and walked around the grounds for the condo, went and got on their sailboat, went to the grocery store, and then cooked dinner.
I kinda decided that since it was my last week before Student Teaching started, I didn't really want to have an agenda for the week. And Kacy didn't mind either. After Landon woke up from his morning nap, Kacy, his mom, Landon, and I all headed to Publix for subs and then to the beach to let Landon crawl around in it since the last time he was at the beach he was only 3 months old and didn't get to play. We of course decided to go on the windiest day we were there. It was fun and Landon was a trooper. And of course since there were wind gusts that about blew us over, Landon was bundled up in corduroy pants and a long sleeve shirt. Just FYI....don't wear corduroy pants to the beach...sand sticks to them!! He had a good time exploring the sand, but really couldn't stand the hard packed sand. It hurt his knees and by this time, his pants were off. The water was freezing, but we still put his feet in it just for fun. We headed back for his afternoon nap and just relaxed at the condo. Kacy's dad had to work New Year's Eve day so he came a little later in the evening after he got off work. Kacy mom was going to cook Pork Scalapinni for the four of us that night. I know none of ya'll know Kacy's parents, but let me just tell you about their cooking. Oh my goodness is it A-mazing!! They make all these fancy meals (well fancy to me, but to them I don't think it is...), and they make everything from scratch. I love just watching them. Oh how I wish she would just come a cook for me every night!! Anyway...she fixed a wonderful meal and then we all planned on staying up until midnight, but you know what happens after a few tasty drinks!! haha His mom and I were asleep on the couch I think at about 10:30, and we simply woke up at 11:58, watched the ball drop, said Happy New Year and headed to bed!! We were such party people!! :)
Ok, so talk about things being made from scratch...she even made waffles for us on Thursday morning with homemade syrup!! Seriously....who does that?? She does...simply the best!! We headed back to his parents house after breakfast to hang out there and have the traditional New Year's Day meal with his sister and her boyfriend that night. His dad had already headed back and on our way back to their house, we got a call from his dad saying that their house had been broken in to while they were gone. They stole all of his mom's real jewelry (which is a lot) and thankfully didn't do anything else to the house. So once we got there, it was just a lot of cleaning up glass, and trying to recall everything she had so she could report it. What a way to start the new year. We hung out there and then had dinner that night which consisted of turkey, greens, black-eyed peas, and cheese and grit casserole. It was delicious!!
Friday we got up and just hung out. We went to see his grandfather's boat at the beach and then ate at a fun little burger place right on the water. We walked around down town and got ice cream. Of course, the last day we were there was the warmest, but at least we got to enjoy the sun for a little while. Landon took his nap and we loaded up for our journey home. :( We didn't want to leave and really contemplated staying another night, but then we wouldn't have been home until late Saturday night and I really wanted two days to recover before school started. We said our goodbye's and then we were on our way.
The ride home was great. Landon did even better on the way home. And I did even better on the way home. I only slept for 45 min. instead of like 4 hours. We got in about the same time as before. We just left everything in the car and went to bed! Our week with his parents was great and we had so much fun being able to spend time with them!! We can't wait until we get to take another trip down there to visit! I'll go anytime... I really didn't plan on rambling this much, but there are certain someones who like to know about each and every day!! :) Hope everyone had a great New Year's too.
This is where Landon found his love for pickles :)

Landon fit in to this huge vase and loved standing in there and also pulling it over on himself and busting his nose...thats boys for you!!
Kacy and Landon on the boat

Me and Landon just hanging out on the boatSee what corduroy pants do....(the car really isn't as close as it looks)

We need to get a tan!!

My little beach baby

New Year's Eve

I can't get enough of him!!

More pictures will be up...Kacy must give them to me first!! :)


As you can see from the comments on the previous blog...Mary is once again on my case about blogging! :) I really do think about doing it, but I can't blog until Landon goes to sleep and by that time I am trying to eat and then go to bed!! I so want to be as good as Mary and keep everyone updated...Mary I'm striving to be as good as you!! :) xo
So Christmas was great. Landon had a very good first Chrismas. My grandfather spent the night with us on Christmas Eve which was fun to have him here. I woke up early Christmas morning with Landon. Mom was of course already up and baking! We don't tons of family traditions that we have to do or anything, but it is a must in this house to have Monkey Bread and Breakfast Caserole on Christmas morning. We always make both the night before so all we have to do is just put them in the oven and cook them. This year since it was little more low key, and not everyone was here, we had a nice breakfast and then played for a little bit before we opened presents. We were a little hesitant to start opening gifts with Landon still awake, but we decided we would try it and he really did good with everything. We let him open his gifts first and then we put him in the pack-n-play to play with his new toys while we opened. After we opened gifts Landon went to sleep for his nap and we got ready to go to our friends the Abarr's house down in Hampton. They always invite friends over Christmas afternoon to eat and just hang out. We had a great time and came home when Landon was ready for bed! Not a bad first Christmas for us!!

Landon opening up his stocking

Playing with toys

Da, Landon, Dad, and Me after opening presents

Pops and Nina with Landon's new favorite toy :)
(Thanks to Uncle Ben, Aunt Amanda, and his cousin Adalyn)