So my birthday was April 30th and I wanted to do something different and fun! I found out that Ezells Studios does an art class call Splash Into Art. You choose the class you want to attend according to what the art picture is for that night. My birthday was on a Friday and it was the perfect picture for the group that wanted to go. It was "Funky Martini Glasses"!! I am not an artist by any means and have no painting skills either. So I was a little nervous about going, but the teachers are awesome and can fix ANY mistake....which I made several! hahaha There were 5 of us that went and we had soooooo much fun! It was definitely a night to remember! Here are some pictures of the process and a look into our artistic abilities! :)

We all signed the wall prior to the class
(Bailey, Ashley, Nancy, Laura, and Krysti)

My blank slate.....the chaos hadn't started yet. Nerves were still down! ha It didn't last for too long though....

First strokes....

Ms. Rhiannon helping Laura. She became our best friend pretty quickly! :)

Working hard!

Me and Ashley trying to make a masterpiece!!!

The progress of the glasses....don't worry, they do get better!!! And this was the point where my blood pressure began to escalate!! I wanted everything to be perfect and I was struggling to get that!
Our table slaving away. (Look at all our faces...I'm not sure if those are "what color to do next" or "what the crap are we doing"! hahaha
Yay for my fun friends that braved this class with me!!! Love Krysti!
My finished product! I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished!!!! I will be going back for another class in the near future!!!

The gang! :) I am so happy that I have made such great friends at Shoal Creek this year! I can't wait for more of the fun times together!! Thank you ladies for being such awesome friends and co-workers!!!!!

(More picutres to come of the after party once I get them from Laura and Krysti!!)



So my amazing teacher friend, Ashley, got on the hunt for the bedding for a better price than the link below. And of course she found it at Target online, entire set (not just comforter), all for $65!! So I bought it! I'm sooooo excited to get it on May 21st!!!! THANKS ASHLEY!!!!

So as the summer approaches there are many things I want to accomplish in my short time off. As I was thinking about everything that I am doing this summer, I realized that my short 7 week summer isn't going to be filled with empty days just laying by the pool. I have already booked a lot of things to do....it will all be fun though!!!
So one major thing I want to accomplish is getting Landon into a toddler bed. He sleeps on a mat at the babysitters house, so I'm hoping that it won't be too hard. (But then again, because I'm doing it......he will make it a problem! haha) Anyway, my parents have a red toddler bed that I can use. So I have that under control, but I'm having a problem deciding what I should decorate with. He loves Thomas, so I could do that. Or I was thinking maybe like a truck, car, airplane, construction something since he loves all of those things! I was thinking I could do the bold red, orange, green, etc and go with that. Get pictures and what not to hang up! And that is kind of his theme in his bathroom so I thought it would flow good. Well those things are only on the shower curtain so I don't think it would be too much.
Sooo.....anyone have any ideas? Like it, don't like it......let me know what you think!!!!

(I love this one if it wasn't so darn expensive!!)