State Fair 2011

Ashley and I decided to take the kids down to Perry, Ga for the state fair about a month ago. We had great time. It was just like any local fair...just on steroids! :) We took the wagon and pulled the kiddos around because they never would have made it the whole way walking. It is a HUGE place and so many people. And it also gave us a place to stash our stuff!

We started off buying tickets and letting the kids ride some of the kiddie rides while it wasn't too crowded. Maddie was not into the rides at first, but we got her to go on all of them and by the end of the day she was happy and holding her arms up in the air. Landon really wanted to go on the roller coaster, but he was about an inch too short, so we will have to go back next year! He is a dare devil like me and that makes me sooooo happy! I see Six Flags in our future!!!!

We got to see pig races, an alligator show, seals, camels, donkeys, horses (I didn't even dare go in the barn....Ashley took the kids), sheep riding (Mustin' Bustin' to be exact), and lots of other animals and fun things.

As the day went on it got PACKED. I have never seen so many people!! We were going to go see the circus, but we would have to waited an hour and then drive almost 2 hours back and we had two very tired kids, so we decided to head on back about 5:30. We had a really fun and long day!!

Going in!

Landon was very excited for his first ride!

haha Look at Maddie's face! She was not too sure!
But it was success!!

Ashley and Maddie

For some reason Landon wanted to do "peace" signs! So we did!

Landon and I

Getting ready to go on the Ferris Wheel

Maddie was actually really excited about this!

He was loving this!

Maddie was very worried about riding the flying elephant, but once it started she loved it!

See the face!

We had a lunch out at the car and relaxed in the shade a little bit!

They got a fun snack later in the day! Maddie got chocolate ice cream and Landon got a slushie!

We went and saw the alligator show with "Dave" the alligator man. They loved it because we were on the front row so the water spalshed on us while he was wrestling the alligator.

After the alligator show, we went to the Mutin' Bustin' show. This was hilarious! This show is where kids ages 3 and up ride on sheep and see who can ride on them the longest. It was the highlight of the day. A four year old came in second and a girl came in first! Landon was dying to do it, but it was expensive to enter him and we didn't want to wait around for the next show.

This little girl was holding on for dear life!

We finished up the day with some more stuff to see and then they wanted to ride the Crazy Bus one time before we left.

We had a great time and hopefully will get to go back next year!

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Ashley said...

Ahhh...what a cute entry! That was such a fun day. My favorite part was when Maddie finally had fun on the rides!